KORONA FUR lair (Kopia)

The high-class lair for dog made of OXFORD fabric.

fabric: 100% polyester
border thickness: 12 cm
sizes: M, L, XL



The high-class lair for dog made of OXFORD fabric. It was tested by The Textile Research Institute according to norms and safety – it doesn’t contain harmful elements. The inside of lairs is a thick removable pillow what makes easier cleaning the whole lair. The bedding is filled with soft antiallergic fabric. The bottom of lair is waterproof polyamide. The high-class fabric and precise workmanship creates unique atmosphere.

KORONA lair is produced in 3 sizes M,  L and XL. Outside dimensions (border’s thickness 12 cm):

width  48 cm, depth 44 cm, height 18 cm
width  55 cm, depth 45 cm, hight 18 cm
width  63 cm, depth 55 cm, height 20 cm


Stains should be removed with soft cloth and mixture of water and soap (temp. 30º C) or soft cleaners can be used. ATTENTION: The fabric shouldn’t be cleaned with chemicals containing solvent and bleach.